Total (%)70502070604525305375
Starsphere (%)856535857560404520510
Max Stats683920463323242814
  • Q: How can I use this?

    A: Pick any combination of character and class in-game using the dropdowns and the calculator will do the magic.

  • Q: What are Total, Starsphere, and Max Stats?

    A: Total growth (character + class growth), Starsphere (Total + 15 per stat), and Max Stats for highest attainable value for each stat.

  • Q: What are the abbreviations like M or Ca?

    A: Class Types: Backup(B), Covert(C), Cavalry(Ca), Mystical(M), Flying(F), Qi Adept(Q), Dragon(D), Armor(A)

    Special Units: Rafal(R), Nel(N)